Warzone 2 will have loadout drops after all, but they’re earned in 3 unique ways

Load up your favorite weapon and earn it in a few ways.

Image via Activision

Take a deep breath, loadout warriors: Loadout drops are going to be in Warzone 2 after all, Activision announced today.

Warzone 2 is set to launch next week and the company revealed a slew of new information about the game and all of the content coming to season 01, including the reneging on a change that was made from the original game when it was played at CoD Next in September.

“Similar to the original Call of Duty: Warzone, Loadouts play a large role in what makes this game unique, and in this new era, players will have quicker access to their Loadout’s primary benefit: the Primary Weapon,” Activision said.

Loadouts can be earned in one of three ways in Warzone 2. Players can use in-match cash at the shops to buy their primary weapon, loadout drop public events that will spawn in randomly on Al Mazrah, and earned as a reward for clearing AI-defended Strongholds and Black Sites.

The reaction to the lack of loadouts at CoD Next was rather loud, and apparently loud enough for the change to be made. But the wording in the blog post is somewhat murky because it doesn’t mention whether or not perks or the rest of a full loadout class will be available.

Warzone 2 and its new mode, DMZ, will both launch next week alongside season 01 in MW2 on Nov. 16.