Leaks hint at Plague and Sandbox modes potentially coming to Call of Duty: Warzone

They'll reportedly join the game later in the month.

Image via Activision

Twitter user ZestyCODLeaks recently shared a leaked audio file revealing some of the content that could hit the Call of Duty: Warzone live servers as soon as March 11. The lengthy file plays many quotes of a voiceover describing several missions that seem to be a part of upcoming game modes.

The quotes reveal several gameplay elements linked to Sandbox and Plague game modes. The Sandbox game mode will reportedly feature an area of operation offering various activities, some of them being linked to racing using the vehicles in the game, such as helicopters and cars.

It's hard to know what to expect from this game mode, however, because the name "Sandbox" can hint at it being adaptive and customizable.

The Plague game mode seems more straightforward. It's linked to Verdansk reportedly getting nuked. A leaked audio file revealed that Verdansk might get annihilated in a special event where players will have to survive against hordes of zombies and unite to "save" Verdansk. This will likely be the transition between the available and upcoming content.

The date of March 11 was previously revealed by another user at the end of February, who first hinted at Verdansk getting nuked, which might also signify the release of the Plague mode. Both other modes, Exfiltration and Sandbox, might join the game later in the month.

While the Sandbox mode was leaked, Exfiltration was revealed by Activision last month. "During an Exfiltration Battle Royale, a portable radio crackles into life, coming online somewhere in Verdansk," Activision said. "The Operator who secures this radio and holds onto it for a sufficient period of time automatically wins the game for them. Anyone holding the radio is marked on the Tac Map as if they were under a Most Wanted Contract [...] with all Operators also receiving intel on how much longer the current radio holder has until they win."

Outside of those rules, the game mode will offer classic battle royale gameplay features.

Since it seems like we're only one week away from all this leaked Warzone content, Activision might share some official information soon.