Call of Duty: Warzone fans theorize Verdansk map may be nuked around game’s first anniversary

Could an all-new Warzone map be coming soon?

Image via Activision

It’s nearly one year since Call of Duty: Warzone’s release, and a post from a prominent leaker in the battle royale’s community is pointing to some big changes for the battle royale.

March 10 is the game’s one-year anniversary, and a prolific leaker in the CoD community is saying that the day after could see some big changes to the game—namely, a new map.

ModernWarzone, a leaker who posted a ton of information about Warzone before it was revealed, posted a series of tweets that has the battle royale community buzzing. The first tweet simply says “March 11th,” and the second shows a picture of a nuclear bomb going off with the caption “Kaboom.”

The prevailing theory is that the ship that’s currently headed towards Verdansk that will be added as a point of interest for season two is carrying Nova 6 gas. That ship will be the catalyst that sets off some sort of explosion that either blows up Verdansk or makes it an unplayable area.

Other ideas surrounding Warzone’s future have pointed to a new map located in the Ural Mountains, which is where Black Ops Cold War’s upcoming Outbreak mode is set. But it could be something different entirely.

It’s entirely possible that some sort of in-game event, like the one used to reveal Black Ops Cold War, could be used to remove Verdansk from play and add something new.

Season two of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War begins on Feb. 25.