Infinity Ward “looking into an issue” causing server connection problems with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Not like this.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fans excited to jump into the new patch might have to wait a bit.

Infinity Ward says it’s “looking into an issue where some players are unable to connect to the servers.” While there’s no timeline for when the problem will be solved, the company will update fans when it has more information.

Players trying to jump into the game may be placed in a “server queue,” with a message claiming that there’s “temporary maintenance” going on. Error Code 8192 also appears, disconnecting players from the Modern Warfare servers.

Screengrab via Activision

Many popular streamers, like TimTheTatman and CouRage, sat in queue waiting for the issue to resolve.

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While the reason for the server issues is unclear, it may be tied to today’s patch. The update included a much-needed Bruen MK9 nerf, reducing the LMG’s damage range, among several weapon balance changes and bug fixes.

Update Aug. 11 12:08pm CT: Infinity Ward tweeted that the issue is “resolving.” Players may still be placed in a temporary queue before reconnecting.