How to watch FaZe Swagg’s Summer Warzone Invitational

It's a #SwaggSummer for FaZe in Warzone.

Image via Activision

In the wild year of 2020, few Twitch streamers have grown like FaZe Swagg—and now he’s putting on his own tournament.

As of Aug. 5, Swagg had gained 495,000 of his 710,000 total followers on Twitch while playing Call of Duty: Warzone this year while racking up 11.1 million hours watched.

The love for Swagg continues with today’s Swagg’s Summer Warzone Invitational.

Swagg will participate in the event, too, which features a $25,000 prize pool and some of the biggest names in Call of Duty today. While the pros prepare for CDL Champs this weekend, the Warzone stars will be having a #SwaggSummer.

Confirmed participants in the invitational include:

  • Swagg
  • Aydan
  • TeePee
  • Pamaj
  • DougisRaw
  • Nadeshot
  • Vikkstar123
  • Symfuhny
  • Censor
  • Huskerrs
  • WarsZ
  • Tommey
  • KingRichard
  • and more

How to watch Swagg’s Warzone Invitational

The action takes place on Aug. 17 at 3pm CT. You can find most of the streams for the tournament in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Twitch directory.

The main channel for all of the games is the FaZe Twitch channel, where the gameplay will be broadcast and commentated over.

But you can also watch the perspective of its participants for a better view of the fight. Some players will also be streaming on YouTube, so that directory will have a few competitors too.