Despite Twitch ban, Dr Disrespect is still the third most-watched Call of Duty: Warzone streamer in 2020

The Doc's legend lives on.

Photo via MLG

Despite being banned off of Twitch near the end of June, Dr Disrespect is still the third most-watched Call of Duty streamer in 2020, according to a report by esports bookmaker Unikrn.

Before his ban, the Doc racked up 12.21 million hours watched in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare, along with gaining 234,000 followers while playing.

Doc was behind only NICKMERCS and TimTheTatMan on the list, which is accurate as of Aug. 5, according to Unikrn. NICKMERCS has amassed an insane 29.1 million hours watched and has gained just under 500,000 followers while playing CoD.

StreamerHours WatchedTotal FollowersFollowers gained playing CoD
NICKMERCS29.1 million3.93 million499,000
TimTheTatMan14.19 million5.13 million235,000
Dr Disrespect12.21 million4.45 million234,000
Swagg11.1 million710,000495,000
Symfuhny10.2 million2.27 million376,000
MontanaBlack889.2 million2.85 million184,000
TeePee8.67 million504,000151,000
6.97 million8.82 million237,000
Cloakzy6.19 million2.1 million210,000
Summit1g5.97 million5.38 million164,000
Statistics via Unikrn (Twitch, TwitchMetrics, TwitchTracker, SullyGnome)

Just behind Dr Disrespect is Swagg, who’s gained 495,000 of his 710,000 total followers from streaming Warzone. Other top streamers like Symfuhny, TeePee, Tfue, Cloakzy, and Summit1g round out the list.

Warzone has been a huge part of streaming culture since it released in March. It’s been one of the top games on Twitch since then and just recently reached 75 million players.

With this week’s massive season five update, which adds a lot to both Modern Warfare and Warzone, these numbers will only get higher for the aforementioned streamers.

Meanwhile, the Doc’s situation is still in limbo. The reasoning for his ban hasn’t been announced over a month since it happened and he hasn’t made any announcements about his future since a round of interviews at the beginning of July.