How to watch the Call of Duty League 2022

The season is already underway.

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The Call of Duty League is back for a third season in 2022, and for a third consecutive season, the league has altered its format.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major force behind many of the changes to the CDL over the past two seasons. And while LAN events are scheduled to take place throughout the 2022 season, the CDL plans to continue heavily using online matches as well.

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Regardless of whether matches take place on LAN or online, though, the 12 CDL teams will be fighting hard throughout the season, which will be capped off by the 2022 CDL Championship, where the third annual league champions will be crowned.

Here’s how to watch the 2022 Call of Duty League season.


For the 2022 CDL season, weekly Home Series events have been tossed aside in favor of pre-set qualifying matches, meaning a team’s past performance will have no bearing on who their opponent will be in qualifying matches. After all 12 teams have each played five qualifying matches, they’ll be seeded into a double-elimination bracket based on their record. That double-elimination tournament will take place at one of four Majors, all of which are scheduled to take place on LAN.

Since all 12 teams will compete at each of the four Major events, the bottom four teams in the standings after qualifying matches have concluded will begin the Major tournaments in the losers bracket. From there, the teams will play their opponents in the bracket in best-of-five series until one team comes out on top in the grand finals.

With each qualifying match victory, teams will earn 10 CDL Points. Additionally, teams will earn CDL Points for their final placings. Here’s the CDL Points breakdown for Majors.

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PlacingCDL Points
Fifth and sixth20
Seventh and eighth10
Ninth to 12th0


Like the past two seasons, the 2022 Call of Duty League season will be exclusively broadcast on YouTube.

Schedule – Pro-Am Classic

Image via Call of Duty League
Image via Call of Duty League

This article will be updated throughout the season to reflect the CDL’s official schedule.