How to play Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer and Zombies for free

The gates are open.

Image via Activision

If you’ve been looking to try out Call of Duty: Vanguard and its Zombies mode, there won’t be a better time to do it than when they’re on free access.

During CoD free access, the multiplayer and other select game modes become available for free for a limited time. This allows players to try out the game, and they can purchase it later, if they were satisfied with the experience.

To welcome everyone to Vanguard’s fourth season, both the multiplayer and Zombies game modes will be accessible, free-of-charge, between July 20 and 26.

How do you get free Vanguard multiplayer and Zombies?

  • Open up the store on your gaming platform.
  • Click on the search field and type in “Vanguard Free Access.”
  • A copy of Vanguard that will be available for download will appear.
  • Click on it and choose to download it to start playing.

How to play free access Vanguard on PC?

Playing the Vanguard free access on PC has a shorter process compared to its console versions.

  • Launch Battle.Net.
  • Navigate to Vanguard’s tab.
  • Click on “PLAY FREE” to start downloading the game.

Is CoD Vanguard multiplayer free?

CoD Vanguard’s multiplayer game mode only becomes free during limited-time events. Players are required to purchase a copy of the game to access the game mode when it’s not on free access.

If you enjoy your time in Vanguard’s free access but prefer not to pay the game’s full price, you can also wait for a deal to buy it at a discount.