How to become a zombie in Call of Duty: Warzone

The process is slightly different in the nuke event.

Image via Activision

The zombie problem in Verdansk is growing by the day and it’s recently reached concerning levels. Toxic zones that were located around Shipwreck and Prison are stronger than ever and they’re now marked on the Call of Duty: Warzone map with a nuclear symbol.

Around the end of November, zombies made their first appearance on the map. They came inside a mysterious ship, Vodianoy, that was believed to be submerged. Players had to battle a horde of zombies to unlock the hidden chest inside Vodianoy.

But now, it looks like your time among the living may be coming to an end in Warzone with the upcoming nuke event.

How can you become a zombie in Call of Duty: Warzone?

While the zombie mechanics are quite similar to the ones featured in the Haunting of Verdansk event, the process of becoming a part of the army of the undead is slightly different than the last time. During the Halloween event, instead of going to the Gulag, players were able to respawn as zombies right after being taken out. 

This time around, however, you’ll need to die inside the toxic zones and have at least one non-zombie squadmate alive so you can respawn as a zombie. If you die outside of the toxic zones, you’ll still go to the Gulag and you’ll be out of the game if you fail to win.

The alive teammate condition means that you won’t be able to become a zombie in solo matches—for now. While this could change toward the end of the event, it looks like the devs are trying to promote a different playstyle with the latest iteration of the zombie event.

Zombies can be squishy, but they also come with neat utility tools. You’ll have access to a super jump, a high-damage melee attack, and gas grenades. A single zombie in the squad can prove itself to be a useful addition since you can scout around and cover your teammates with your undead abilities. 

Once you die inside the toxic zone, you’ll immediately fall from the sky as a zombie, meaning you’ll have very little time to prepare. If you die as a zombie, though, your teammates will need to buy you back into the game since there’s no Gulag for the undead.