GameBattles Beta integrated into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Still no Ranked Play, though.

Image via Activision

Competitive Call of Duty players are finally getting a highly-requested feature in Modern Warfare—GameBattles integration.

A GameBattles Beta was added directly to Modern Warfare today. GameBattles is a popular competitive platform that’s been a staple part of the Call of Duty scene for years. This feature will make it easier for players to play competitive matches after a few clicks on the GameBattles website.

Screengrab via Activision

The GameBattles Beta is accessible from Modern Warfare’s multiplayer main menu. Click the last choice on the list for private match options that now include GameBattles integration.

To take advantage of this feature, players will need to register for a GameBattles account and set up a team on the platform’s website. You’ll also need to post or accept matches from the website. But once you do that, your match should appear in the GameBattles Beta—you won’t have to host your own private match and manually set up the rules anymore.

Screengrab via Activision

When playing a match in the GameBattles Beta, your results will automatically be reported for you. This means you shouldn’t have to deal with disputes and capturing proof of your victories.

GameBattles has been integrated into past Call of Duty titles, but this marks the first time it’s been available in a few years. Infinite Warfare and WWII both previously featured an in-game GameBattles system.

Even though this feature is being added to Modern Warfare several months after its launch, many competitive Call of Duty players will be happy to have an easier way to grind for a better MLG Rank.

Update April 1 9am CT: Players can’t take advantage of the GameBattles Beta in Modern Warfare yet.

Screengrab via GameBattles

When trying to post or accept a GB match, the only option for “lobby type” is a private match (custom game). This means GB players still have to host their own lobbies for GameBattles matches. It’s unclear when using the GameBattles Beta will be an option on the website.