FaZe ZooMaa “indefinitely suspended” from Twitch

He's not exactly sure what he did, though.

Photo via MLG

You won’t be seeing the face of FaZe Clan’s Call of Duty team, Tommy “ZooMaa” Paparratto, on Twitch any time soon.

In a since-deleted tweet, ZooMaa said earlier today that his Twitch account has been “indefinitely suspended.”

Screengrab via [Twitter](https://twitter.com/ZooMaa)

The superstar submachine gun player tweeted on Sept. 5 that his account was suspended, but he initially thought it’d only be for seven days. Today, though, he found out that the suspension is indefinite—even though he’s not exactly sure what he did to receive this punishment.

When a fan asked him today why he was suspended from Twitch, ZooMaa said, “[I] was on the phone with my friend and thought my mic was muted, and an address was said. It was an accident and my first strike… [I don’t know] how I got an email saying I’m indefinitely suspended.”

ZooMaa’s most recent streams have dealt with a person known as “CoDBurner,” who’s been leaking roster moves in the professional Call of Duty scene. Other professional players, including ZooMaa, have been trying to solve the mystery of CoDBurner and reveal their identity. It’s possible that ZooMaa’s suspension could be in correlation to the investigative stream—although that’s unconfirmed at this time.

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FaZe Clan’s professional Fortnite player Turner “Tfue” Tenney was also recently banned on Twitch, so ZooMaa isn’t the only person from this organization who’s been punished by the streaming platform lately.

We’ll update this article if any additional information about ZooMaa’s suspension is revealed.

Update Sept. 7 4:30pm CT: ZooMaa tweeted today that he’s no longer indefinitely suspended from Twitch.

“[I] heard back from Twitch,” ZooMaa said. “They made a mistake on their end and I will have my account back in less than six days.”