Enable on getting benched: “This was kind of a wake-up call”

Enable could leave the Seattle Surge after the Los Angeles homestand.

Photo via Call of Duty League™

Competitive Call of Duty veteran Ian “Enable” Wyatt addressed the recent revelation that he was dropped from the starting lineup of the Seattle Surge on stream last night.

Enable was reportedly benched following the conclusion of the London Home Series last weekend, which resulted in the Seattle Surge earning a top-six placing. He revealed on stream three days ago that he had been benched, which impacted the Call of Duty League team’s practice schedule. 

Enable said on stream last night that this decision was important for his career. It’s “kind of a wake-up call,” he said. 

He said that although competition is his main drive, he didn’t put in as much time as he wanted. “Not competing is going to kill me inside, but I did get off track for a bit and I wasn’t putting in as much time as I need to be,” Enable said. “It kind of lit a fire underneath me.” 

He reassured fans that he won’t retire for the rest of the year and that he could move to another team because he has received several offers from other organizations. “This is definitely not the end of me playing this year, at least I hope so, and in my mind it’s not, I’ve already had a couple of teams reach out to me,” Enable said. 

Although his future with the Seattle Surge remains unclear, he said he won’t make a decision regarding his possible departure until the conclusion of the next homestand in Los Angeles, which is hosted by the LA Guerillas and OpTic Gaming. The event will conclude on March 8, with the Dallas Home Series to follow later in the month.