Emblem in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare teases battle royale mode

Infinity Ward continues to tease players.

Screengrab via Infinity Ward

A new battle royale mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is all but confirmed. A new emblem featured in Modern Warfare called “Toxic Event” is the latest in-game hint that suggests the mode is coming soon.

The “Hazardous” cosmetic bundle was recently released in Modern Warfare and features a few items for 1,500 CoD points (roughly $15). Players who purchase the bundle will receive a blueprint for the AX-50 sniper rifle, a blueprint for the 1911 pistol, a weapon charm, and an emblem.

The emblem is the most interesting item in the bundle because it seems to be a direct nod to the unconfirmed battle royale mode. The emblem is called “Toxic Event” and depicts a city covered in toxic gas.

Screengrab via Activision

Gas is a common element found in several battle royale games that slowly closes the playing field to keep the match exciting. The in-game cinematic released with season two of Modern Warfare shows a map with gas slowly closing in, which has led many fans to assume that this is a teaser for the new battle royale mode, rumored to be named Warzone. A new menu option called “Classified” was added with the season two update as well, so there’s a new type of mode coming to Modern Warfare soon.

Players have also accessed the Warzone lobby through a glitch that shows the menu and different options featured in the mode. Others have managed to access the tutorial for Warzone, proving that several assets for the mode are already in the game.

Infinity Ward has yet to confirm the new battle royale mode, but all official hints and leaks from players suggest it’s arriving soon.