Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s impending update has big changes coming for competitive play

The pro players are happy about this one.

Image via Activision

A rather large update is coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in the next few days. Along with bug fixes and other quality of life changes, there will be a number of enhancements for the esports community.

Infinity Ward senior communications manager Ashton Williams tweeted today that the developer will be “sharing the love with CDL,” meaning the Call of Duty League. Many CDL players have been voicing their disapproval of a lack of esports-centric updates, but now, they have reason to be excited.

Williams confirmed that the next update will give an option to disable the spawn camera in a private match. When players respawn in CoD: MW, they’re given a quick overhead view of the map before zooming in to ground level. This gives players a quick peek at the map and many players felt that it’s unfair.

The update will introduce the ability to see through smoke with thermal scopes and a fix for the mounting glitch in Search and Destroy. Williams also teased “more to come,” so it seems like this update is getting bigger by the day.

The CDL kicks off its inaugural season in January, so there’s still time for Infinity Ward to iron out all of these kinks.