Call of Duty: Warzone players encounter connection issues when using Heartbeat Sensor

Beware of the intense lag.

Image via Activision

A new bug has popped up in Call of Duty: Warzone involving the Heartbeat Sensor, resulting in lag spikes and connection issues when the item is used for the first time each match. 

A Warzone player uploaded a clip of them equipping their Heartbeat Sensor, which caused their game to freeze for a few seconds. They were able to move around normally after the incident, but this is still a significant problem if it happens consistently. 

Other players confirmed this is not an isolated experience and that they also experience issues when using the item. Some players claim it only happens the first time they pull out the device and that they are fine for the rest of the match. Others explained how they are booted from the lobby when they use the Heartbeat Sensor and were forced to remove it from their loadouts. 

The issue seems to be impacting players on all platforms. It is not guaranteed to happen every time the item is used, but it occurs often enough for it to be an issue. 

Warzone has had several issues over the past few months. Players recently discovered how to take pre-game lobby weapons into actual games, resulting in a major advantage for those who could do so successfully. Cheaters are still able to ruin the competitive integrity of matches, and players continue to find themselves stuck in obstacles around the map. 

The Heartbeat Sensor glitch is not currently listed on the Infinity Ward Trello board, but fans of the battle royale should keep their eyes on the board for any updates a potential bug fix.