Call of Duty: Warzone players are trying to prevent cheaters from selling their software

Players are hitting them where it hurts: their pockets.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players have had enough of the rampant cheating problem impacting the game and have started to take matters into their own hands. One player confirmed that the purchase of cheating software isn’t allowed on various platforms and that a community effort could potentially eliminate the cheating problem at its source.

A Warzone player explained their plan on how to make it harder for players to purchase cheats for the game. The creators of the various cheating software accept payment for their programs through PayPal or in the form of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is relatively harder for the average person to purchase, so most transactions allegedly take place on PayPal. This fan decided to take part in a fake transaction to find the cheat creator's PayPal ID to report them.

They found the cheat creator's PayPal ID before paying for the cheat software and immediately reported them to PayPal customer support. PayPal responded and confirmed that action would be taken against the account since the selling of an illegal product breaks the website's Terms of Service. The player confirmed that PayPal acted against the account since the cheat maker no longer accepts PayPal as a payment website for their services.

The fan also reported the cheat creator’s Coinbase account but is awaiting a response on whether the website will act against them. They also confirmed that Mastercard actively prohibits and pursues the sale of copyrighted goods using their card services, which eliminates another option for the cheat creator.

The cheaters could potentially use other methods to get paid, such as Venmo or requesting money to be mailed directly to them. Regardless, if the the community can make it harder to purchase cheats, that will make players less likely to complete the process.

The purpose of going after the cheater's payment is to prevent the cheats from being sold and purchased in the first place. This could prevent more players from hacking in Warzone. A combined effort from the community that targets all cheat makers and their money could potentially have a bigger impact than Infinity Ward’s response to the issue.

Infinity Ward has started to ban accounts for hacking, but most of the community still encounters hackers on a regular basis. This a huge problem that could cause most of the player base to jump to other games. It might be up to the players to come together and address the issue themselves to eliminate the problem.