Call of Duty: Warzone players are finding automatic weapons in the Gulag

Look for an gun on the ground next time, you might get lucky.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty players have constantly found issues in Warzone over the past few weeks. Aside from the large number of cheaters ruining the game for entire lobbies, there are also various glitches impacting the player base.

A new glitch is causing fully-automatic weapons to spawn in the Gulag, which provides an unfair advantage for the lucky player who finds them first.

A player uploaded a clip of their one-vs-one match in the Gulag earlier today. They spawned with a .50 GS and immediately pushed into the middle of the map hoping to surprise the enemy player. They continued to push into the enemy’s spawn where they found an amazing surprise. On the ground near the back wall, there was a custom M4A1 and MP7, which are two of the best weapons in the game. The player picked up the M4 and hunted down the enemy.

They found the enemy in the center of the Gulag attempting to capture the flag and were able to eliminate them with a well-placed grenade. The player shot the M4 a few times to see if it worked and it seemed to be fully functional.

Other players in the comments confirmed that this is a known glitch that happens randomly in the Gulag. There are reportedly several Gulag locations under the Warzone map where dead players spawn for a chance to come back into the game. The weapons might have belonged to a player who died directly above the Gulag location and their gun somehow fell through the map. Other players claimed that the weapons belonged to a player who glitched into the Gulag and was immediately killed for being out of bounds.

Regardless of how the weapons got there, this is a huge problem. The Gulag is only fair if both players have the same weapon. Random weapons appearing adds an unfair advantage for the player who finds them first.

There’s a card addressing the issue on Infinity Ward’s Trello Board, so fans can expect a fix soon.