Call of Duty: Warzone players are experiencing vehicle collision box issues

The glitch is making vehicles deadlier than usual.

Image via Activision

Vehicles in Call of Duty: Warzone are a quick and easy way to move around the map. They provide cover from most weapons and can move entire squads to safety. But some players have discovered that vehicles can also negate objects and kill players without direct contact.

A player uploaded a clip of them engaging an enemy player in a cargo truck. The enemy reversed towards the player who was behind a brick wall that prevented the truck from hitting them. The wall did not protect the player, however, and they were killed as if they were hit by the truck even though there was no direct contact.

Another player uploaded a clip of a similar situation. They took cover behind a tree to avoid being ran over by an enemy in a tactical rover. The rover did not hit player, but they were still killed as if they were directly hit by the vehicle.

Other players in the comments of both posts confirmed similar experiences of being killed by vehicles even though they were behind cover or far away. There seems to be a glitch with the collision box of vehicles that registers players being hit even when there is no direct contact. Some players pointed out that this glitch was not a major issue until the latest patch was released, so something in the update may have messed with the collision box on vehicles.

There is currently not a card on the Infinity Ward Trello board for this issue, but if the glitch is as widespread as it appears, it will likely be addressed soon.