Call of Duty: Warzone players are experiencing a new gas mask glitch

It's a tough time to be a Warzone player.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players have found a new glitch that allows players to sit in the storm without taking damage. Enemies can potentially sit in the gas in the final circle and eliminate players from a distance.

Popular streamer TeePee was one of the last five players in a Warzone match today when a player killed him from inside the storm. TeePee was annoyed but not surprised since players can stay in the storm for a brief period if they have a gas mask equipped. He realized, however, that the player was exploiting a new bug as he continued to spectate them. 

A gas mask allows players to stay in the storm for an extra 12 seconds without taking damage. If they remain in the storm after the gas mask breaks, they’ll continue to receive damage each second while they’re in the gas. The player who killed TeePee, though, was able to stay in the storm indefinitely. Their gas mask wasn’t breaking after 12 seconds. 

There’s reportedly a new secret gas mask that lasts twice as long as a regular gas mask, but even the new rare item wouldn’t allow the player to stay in the gas for that long. The player continued to run around in the gas with a Heartbeat Sensor while TeePee was forced to watch. 

Warzone players have had a tough few weeks. There’s a notorious texture glitch in the game right now that blocks the entire screen when certain weapons are equipped. There are also still reports of players getting stuck in various locations around the map and general smaller bugs that impact gameplay. 

The new gas mask glitch is the latest issue impacting players that could be a major problem if it’s not addressed soon.