Call of Duty: Warzone player gets revenge on hackers using well-timed helicopter explosion

Justice was served.

Image via Activision

No one likes cheaters in video games. But one clever Call of Duty: Warzone player got their revenge after they invited two hackers to their party and blew them up with a helicopter as payback for cheating.

A player uploaded a clip of their encounter with two hackers in a Warzone match. The hackers killed the player, who then decided to spectate the obvious cheaters. The hacker locked onto far away enemies before dealing significant damage to others.

The player then teamed up with the two hackers in the next match and played alongside the cheaters for a few minutes. When the team boarded a helicopter together, the player flew the aircraft directly into the sports stadium and jumped out before hitting the wall. Both hackers died in the explosion and were prevented from ruining the match for the remaining players.

Almost every game is tarnished by cheaters looking for an unfair advantage. Some cheaters use aimbot or wallhacks for perfect aim or to know the exact location of enemy players. Other cheaters have used DDos attacks to slow down servers, which causes players to abandon matches.

Warzone has had its fair share of cheaters since its launch earlier this month. But hopefully for fans of the game, Infinity Ward will remove and prevent these types of exploits which could potentially ruin the longevity of Warzone.