Call of Duty: Warzone player encounters unreleased weapon blueprint in Plunder

Players are finding new weapons early.

Image via Activision

A Call of Duty: Warzone player recently accessed an unreleased Sykov pistol weapon blueprint by completing the Weapon Drop Field Upgrade in Plunder.

The player completed the Field Upgrade expecting a regular weapon with attachments but was surprised by the unreleased pistol. The Syklov pistol was leaked as a single-fire weapon, but the version found in-game is full-auto. This likely indicates players can unlock an automatic attachment for the weapon. 

Other fans reported that players can duel wield the Syklov, which means there could be another option for akimbo pistols. The gun also has the option for 27-round magazines or an 80-round drum magazine that can be combined with the akimbo option to deal substantial damage. 

Many players are excited for another weapon in Warzone, but dual-wielding pistols have been an issue in the past. The Diamatti burst pistols were recently nerfed and the .357 Snakeshot dominated lobbies before it was adjusted. 

Many fans hope the Syklov pistol won't be unbalanced upon release, but it'll likely be a popular option. 

Multiple weapons coming to Modern Warfare and Warzone have been leaked, including the Sykov pistol. There's no confirmed release date for the weapons yet, but fans might see them next season.

The Weapon Drop Field Upgrade appears to be dropping the guns early, so try to complete it in your next Warzone watch if you want to test out the upcoming weapon.