Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s “slide cancel” glitch will be fixed in a future update

The competitive community collectively sighs in relief.

Image via Activision

A new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Trello board has revealed that Infinity Ward has a fix for the controversial “slide cancel” glitch coming in a future update.

After announcing the Trello board in a community update today, the slide glitch was found under the "Multiplayer Known Issues" tab, tagged with a label of "Fixed in a future update."

Screengrab via CoD: MW Trello Board

The slide cancel is an unintended movement in CoD: MW, discovered by professional players and then spread around the community. It involves the player sprinting, double-tapping the slide button, and then pressing the jump button in rapid succession.

The glitch basically allows the player's gun to come to a ready position much faster than intended and it even makes it more difficult to be seen when doing the glitch near a cover position, like a "head glitch" spot.

The glitch was shown off in videos like the one below by New York Subliners pro Dillon "Attach" Price, who hoped to shed more light on the glitch so that the developers caught sight of it.

The glitch has been a cause for controversy lately, especially in the competitive community where it's run rampant. Now that a fix is in the works, players will have to get used to not using it.

It's unclear when the update to fix the slide cancel will be released, however. The Call of Duty League begins on Jan. 24.