Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PC Update 1.07.1 to fix stuttering cutscenes and Error 6178

No more game crashes... at least, for now.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developers are making PC players’ dreams come true. All it took were the magic words “Update 1.07.1.”

Infinity Ward released a PC update earlier today that targets various stability issues, including stuttering cutscenes and the infamous Dev Error 6178. Players who continue to encounter these bugs post-update are encouraged to inform Modern Warfare developers and Activision Support.

“A PC update is rolling out now and includes overall stability improvements and fixes, like Dev Error 6178, and implements fixes for cutscene stuttering and hitching,” Infinity Ward said.

Players experienced laggy and choppy cutscenes in Modern Warfare’s campaign mode, hypothesizing excessive disk usage or high graphics settings as potential culprits. The update should smooth out the story mode and make watching the well-written and action-packed cinematics enjoyable.

Dev Error 6178, which began plaguing PC players after last week’s Update 1.07, was a game-breaking glitch that caused frequent crashes. After the game froze, a pop-up message saying “Fatal Error: Dev Error 6178” appeared.

Some players offered solutions for the frustrating error, like dropping textures to medium or setting a lower frame rate. But for many PC users, those attempts were in vain.

Update 1.07.1 is now downloadable in the client.