Call of Duty data miner leaks potential audio and Supply Station equipment for Warzone

Pick up your Precision Airstrikes and UAVs.

Screengrab via Infinity Ward

Call of Duty fans who love dominating the competition with killstreaks will seemingly enjoy the rumored battle royale mode.

Data miner TheGamingRevolution tweeted some potential leaks for the battle royale mode that’s rumored to be called Warzone today. Fans may have a first-look at Warzone’s audio, as well as a Supply Station where players can likely purchase gear and killstreaks.

The voice line in the audio file says “Plunder can be used at Supply Stations to buy killstreaks and other special items.” Plunder may be the in-game currency used to purchase things from the Supply Station, likely earned by looting enemies.

The Supply Stations could have anything from Gas Masks and Precision Airstrikes to UAVs and Munitions Boxes. Gas Masks will likely help players stay outside the ring longer. And if Precision Airstrikes and UAVs are similar to how they’re used in the Call of Duty series, they’ll likely provide a great advantage to those who use them.

Supply Stations are an interesting addition to the battle royale genre, which usually focus on looting the floor and enemies. Being able to save up for a big perk can be a game-changing mechanic that’s able to win you the match.

Infinity Ward and Activision have yet to confirm any of this information.