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The best assault rifles in Call of Duty: WWII

Find out which assault rifles you should unlock first in WWII.
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Screengrab via Activision

Call of Duty: WWII was released just a few days ago, but players are already starting to figure out which weapons are the best in the game.

Assault rifles are always some of the most popular weapons in Call of Duty titles, especially from a competitive standpoint. And it doesn't seem like that will change in WWII.

There are currently seven assault rifles in Call of Duty: WWIIbut two of them really stand out when compared to the others. And even then, one assault rifle in particular is clearly the strongest weapon in this classand quite possibly the entire game.

Here are the best assault rifles currently available in Call of Duty: WWII.


Screengrab via Activision

The BAR is the early contender for best weapon in the game, and it's easily the strongest assault rifle in WWII.

It kills very quickly at medium to long range, and can even compete with submachine guns in close quarters engagement. Unless it gets nerfed into oblivion very soonwhich seems likely at this pointyou'll definitely want to use this weapon in any match of WWII.

For public multiplayer, the BAR is the last assault rifle you unlockother than the SVT-40, which you can get after prestiging the Infantry division. If you preordered the game, however, you can use your free weapon unlock to get the BAR right after your first match.

Right now, it seems like the only debate between assault rifle players is whether to use the iron sights or the reflex sight on the BAR. They aren't debating over which assault rifle to use, but rather which attachments to put on the BARit's that good.

The BAR should be your weapon of choice at this stage in WWII. If you haven't used or permanently unlocked this weapon yet, we highly recommend doing so. Make sure to enjoy the BAR while you can, however, just in case it does get nerfed in the near future.


Screengrab via Activision

If you didn't preorder the game and don't have the BAR unlocked, the STG44 is the assault rifle for you. It's definitely not as good as the BAR, but the STG is still a viable weapon.

Although the STG holds more ammo and statistically has a higher fire rate than the BAR, you can just tell in-game when using these guns that the BAR is better—trust us. But at this stage in the game, the STG can be considered the second best assault rifle.

For a gun that has such a high fire rate, the STG surprisingly has low recoilespecially with a grip equipped. But again, so does the BAR. This is essentially a situation where the BAR and STG are comparable, but the BAR just outclasses the STG in-game.

If you have both weapons unlocked, we recommend using the BAR. But in the early levels of multiplayer progress, if you don't have the BAR, try the STG.

Some professional players are currently testing the FG 42, but at the time of writing, it still seems like the BAR and STG are your best options for assault rifles. We will update this list following any weapon updates in the game.

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