Alexx joins Team Reciprocity’s CoD roster, Tommey to compete in open bracket at CWL Finals

Will Tommey make it to Champs this year?

Photo via MLG

Team Reciprocity has opted to make a final change to its Call of Duty lineup before the roster movement period ends tonight.

Alex “Alexx” Carpenter has joined Reciprocity, replacing Sean “Seany” O’Connor, who will move into the team’s substitute position, the organization announced earlier today. Alexx most recently played for Units, a European team that briefly represented Denial Esports.

This move comes on the heels of CWL Anaheim, an event in which Reciprocity placed top 12. With the amount of momentum the team built in their last week in the CWL Pro League, many fans expected Reciprocity to be able to at least break into the top eight. But after finishing in third place in Pool B, the team won only won match in bracket play before being eliminated by Heretics.

Alexx’s team finished in the same spot as Reciprocity after a winless pool play stage and one win in the losers bracket. Fortunately for Alexx, Reciprocity saw promise in him and felt that he could be a crucial piece at the final two events of the season⁠—CWL Finals and the CWL Championship.

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Reciprocity’s former captain, Thomas “Tommey” Trewren, will also be competing at CWL Finals, but he won’t be on Reciprocity’s roster. Instead, the EU veteran will assemble a team to compete in the open bracket in hopes of reaching the eighth million-dollar event of his career.

Tommey will continue to stream as a part of Reciprocity, though, the organization confirmed on Twitter. He relinquished his starting spot on Reciprocity on May 17, citing mental health issues.

Reciprocity’s first CWL Pro League match with Alexx will come on July 1 against Division B’s top team, eUnited.