Aimbotcalvin finishes off 26-kill game with 1-vs-6 clutch during the Code Green CoD Warzone tournament

"I told you Doubting Andy's. Calvin is the best at this game."

Image via Activision

Popular TSM streamer Aimbotcalvin flexed his ability to stay calm in intense situations yesterday. He secured his team a huge win in the Code Green Call of Duty: Warzone tournament with a one-vs-six clutch.

With his teammates, xQc and m0xy, out of the fight, Calvin had to put on his carry pants while facing off against a tiny circle against a handful of other teams. Luckily, the zone allowed him to isolate a few players without getting attacked by a third party.

With the final circle in hand, Calvin armored up and faced off against two players in a relatively open field with only a single tree as cover. As the gas began to close in, the two players opened fire on him. Calvin was able to bob and weave behind the tree to stay healthy enough to down one of the teammates.

With no time left to spare, Calvin made a bold decision to rush forward after downing one of his opponents. He finished off the first player, and when the second enemy popped out to kill him, he pulled off a nice dropshot to secure the win for his team.

This was a great ending to what had been an unfortunate game for his team. A few moments earlier, xQc managed to win his Gulag matchup but forgot to open his parachute during his descent to the map. He got downed from fall damage and was subsequently finished off by another player.

Call of Duty world champions TeePee, Clayster, and Crimsix ended up winning the entire tournament, but at least Calvin has this moment to be proud of.