Activision ‘temporarily’ pulls NecroKing bundle from Call of Duty: Warzone following blueprint bugs

Can't spread your wings.

Image via Activision

Publisher Activision has temporarily removed the NecroKing bundle from the Warzone store following the discovery of a bug with the Ice Drake Blueprint.

The Ice Drake blueprint is supposed to turn the Krig 6 into an icicle-spitting dragon, reminiscent of VALORANT's pricey Elderflame skins. An unlucky user posted pictures of the Warzone-specific bug yesterday where the Krig's barrel failed to render properly. Instead, users were only able to see a plain blue, distinctly wing-less barrel, also lacking the icy visual effects and glow.

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For cosmetic lovers who have yet to purchase the bundle, the NecroKing bundle should make its way back into the store once Activision fixes the bug. For those who already own the skin, switching to the Ultralight barrel will fix the issue and allow your Krig to spread its wings.

Still, this is an expensive cosmetic at 2,400 CoD Points ($19.99). Many fans hope Activision can provide a satisfactory turnaround sooner rather than later so users can take flight with their Krig no matter what barrel they choose to roll with.