A Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War player encountered a hacker who wasn’t afraid of being caught

The cheater wasn't worried about facing any consequences.

Image via Activision

A Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War player recently ran into a cheater who wasn’t worried about being caught since they claimed no one is checking the in-game reports. 

Hackers and cheaters in Cold War and Warzone are significant issues impacting the community. Thousands of players have had their experience ruined by a hacker and more seem to appear daily. 

A player recently encountered a cheater in multiplayer who wasn't afraid to admit that they were hacking. The player told the hacker they were reporting them, which caused little concern for the hacker. 

The cheating player claimed their information is spoofed, which means there's no way for their real account to be flagged. They also claimed no one is checking the reports in Call of Duty, so they don’t expect to face any real consequences. 

The hacker also claimed to have only paid $9 for the third-party software, which indicates cheating is accessible to most players. This likely attributes to the hundreds of hackers that players encounter daily and why new cheaters are continually appearing. 

The Call of Duty community has complained about hackers for months. Players encounter hackers more frequently in Warzone, but Cold War players also find them in multiplayer matches. There are also new exploits and bugs that continuously appear in Warzone, which is another problem that players must deal with. 

Call of Duty players have asked Activision to do something about the issue, but there have been no significant changes or anti-cheat measures implemented yet. Thousands of players were banned in the past, but cheating is still a major problem in the community.