2 more Call of Duty: Warzone operator skins are now appearing invisible in-game

It's happening again.

Image via Activision

Another bug has cropped up in Call of Duty: Warzone that’s making a couple of the game’s operator skins appear invisible in-game.

This morning, reports of more invisible skins started coming in from players everywhere. Raven has already responded to the issue and says that it’s investigating. Floating heads and invisible bodies are now running rampant on Caldera once again.

Last week, Raven pushed an update to fix the issue of Francis’ Awoken skin appearing as invisible for players. That bug took place over the course of several weeks while the developers took time off for the holidays.

The default skin for Wraith and the Dark Aether skin for Weaver are the new offenders, according to many. So don’t be surprised if you see, or don’t see, these operator skins while dropping into Warzone matches until the problem is fixed.

Raven didn’t give a timetable for when a fix could be expected, so for now, things might be a bit hectic in Warzone until the team is able to track down the problem and push an update to rectify the problem.

The new ongoing issue can be tracked with the rest of the game’s known bugs and upcoming fixes on Warzone’s Trello board.