Rappers Logic, Pusha T part of ownership group to acquire Chaos Esports Club

GG Group is making moves.

Screengrab via Chaos Esports Club

GG Group, a company founded by Virgin Gaming co-founders Billy Levy and Zack Zeldin, has acquired both Chaos Esports Club and Do Not Peek Entertainment. And as part of the announcement, the organization also revealed a list of notable co-owners, including rappers Logic, Pusha-T, and several others. 

According to media and entertainment website Complex, the group is looking to use Chaos EC as a way to help create gaming-related content at all levels, including livestream events, short-form features, and “as a resource to incite change.”

In the team’s open letter to fans, the group used the term “organize chaos” as their slogan, saying they would be working to expand beyond just competitive gaming and focus on supporting “organizations within the gaming community that are focused on diversity within the industry.”

Pusha T has been part of GG Group’s ownership for nearly two years and has made it public now to put eyes on the team as he works to take a more active role with the organization moving forward. 

“I’ve been a part of this ownership group close to two years now and since the beginning my main call to action was to focus on the lack of inclusion and diversity in the gaming industry,” Pusha T said to Complex. “As we’ve been developing the new infrastructure leading up to a relaunch, I just felt there was no better time to harp on our namesake then when there’s actual Chaos erupting outside. Any business I’m a part of has to be proactive in using its resources and platform to support the fight against social injustice.”

As for Logic, there is no information on if he has been part of GG’s ownership from the start, but he is going to be more involved with the organization moving forward. 

As a whole, the organization wants to use Chaos EC and Do Not Peek, a full-suite production studio, to help amplify the necessity for change. 

“We are a diverse and inclusive ownership group, but we can be better throughout the larger organization,” GG Group president Ramon Gamble said. “As we continue to grow, we will set measurable goals for the makeup of our creatives, company, and leadership. As we expand Chaos’ non-competitive roster we are committing that a meaningful number of our new signees will be people from underrepresented communities.”

The team doesn’t have any specifics to announce at this time, but announcements about how GG Group plans to re-introduce Chaos EC, DNP, and other assets will be released in the near future.