Nintendo updates company policy, will work toward increasing diversity

The gaming company wants to push for more diversity internally, specifically for women in managerial roles.

Image via Nintendo

Within Nintendo’s newly updated corporate governance report, which details the company’s overall stance and structure for procedures, board composition, and general company practices and performance, the company has detailed how it will work to improve internal diversity. 

Specifically, Nintendo noted that although the company does not have specific “targets” to meet, it wants to create a space where employees across the entire company can maximize their potential regardless of background. 

The biggest change highlighted is the company’s increased efforts to recruit women and build an environment where they can “build successful careers.” This includes plans to increase the proportion of women holding managerial positions within the company across all branches, which currently sits at 23.7 percent in global offices and 4.2 percent in Japan as of March 31, 2021. 

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“As a global company engaging in the entertainment business, which is characterized by increasingly diversifying customer needs and preferences, it is essential that we leverage the talents of a diverse workforce,” Nintendo said. “Therefore, we are committed to respecting the personality and strengths of each and every employee, including employees from our overseas subsidiaries, and developing an environment where employees of diverse backgrounds can maximize their potential.”

Nintendo also says that the company’s board of directors is composed of individuals who have been appointed based on their “abundant experience in various fields while also taking diversity into account within an appropriate scope.”

You can read the full corporate governance report on Nintendo’s website, with more resources also available regarding the company’s approach to various areas.