More women come forward accusing PlayStation of sexism in the workplace

The eight women have shared their statements backing up a Nov. 2021 lawsuit.

Image via Sony

Court documents filed earlier this week reveal that eight former and current Sony employees have alleged the company of sexism, sharing their experiences in a lawsuit against the company.

The lawsuit began in Nov. of 2021 when Emma Majo, a former security analyst for Sony, alleged that the PlayStation developer would discriminate against women in the workplace, and filed for her wrongful termination.

Following Sony’s attempt to dismiss the claims, citing no specific proof to prove the company is responsible for “widespread international discrimination.” Majo is looking to gain class-action status with her lawsuit, bringing in a further eight accounts to strengthen her claims last Tuesday.

In the new court filings, first reported by AXIOS, women detail different occurrences at PlayStation offices across the U.S. which include sexist and demeaning comments, dismissal of work or ideas, restricting promotions, and more.

Former Sony program manager Kara Johnson wrote in a statement she believes “Sony is not equipped to appropriately handle toxic environments.” She continues, explaining that she had known 10 women that had left the company’s Rancho Bernardo, California office prior to her.

Shortly after leaving her position at the office, Johnson sent letters to other female staff detailing how she attempted to bring the alleged discrimination against women to the attention of superiors only to receive “resistance from a senior man in HR to act on these accounts.”

These latest filings have met the deadline to respond to Sony’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit. AXIOS reports a hearing likely “won’t happen until next month, at the earliest.”

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