EBay to acquire TCGplayer for $295 million

The two biggest card game marketplaces are now under the same roof.

Image via eBay

The collectible card game market is consolidating in a big way with eBay entering a new agreement to acquire leading card game marketplace TCGplayer in a deal worth $295 million. 

On paper, this looks like eBay buying out one of its biggest competitors in a growing card game market, but that is not the case. While the exact scope of the deal and what it means for both marketplaces in the long term is still unknown, TCGplayer founder and CEO Chedy Hampson has confirmed that the platform will continue operating independently.

Overall, it looks like eBay is making this deal to further its footprint in that card game marketplace by providing TCGplayer with financial and industry resources that will allow it to expand independently within eBay. 

“This new chapter allows us to continue operating independently within eBay, while also benefiting from their decades of industry experience and resources to deepen the connection between hobbyists and their communities,” Hampson said. “With eBay’s support, we will advance our purpose, and expand our tools and services to improve the collecting experience online and in your favorite local hobby store.”

This deal will also not impact the current landscape of TCGplayer, meaning the current service, tools, products, and content will all remain unchanged. The same goes for any previous agreements made in the marketplace and contacts at the company itself. As Hampson said, business will continue as normal and the team will keep everyone updated if anything will be changing. 

As of now, Hampson has confirmed that all 688 TCGPlayer employees will receive a financial payout from this deal and the main goal is to continue empowering “hobbyists and retailers to connect online” through this opportunity. 

“I am confident that with eBay’s partnership, we will be even better positioned to serve the collectibles community,” Hampson said. “We will have the opportunity to benefit from eBay’s decades of industry-experience and deep financial resources to expand our catalog of products, level up our tools and services and ensure hobbyists all over the world are able to shop from their favorite local hobby stores.”

In terms of initial response, there is optimism that this deal will lead to both eBay and TCGplayer growing, expanding, and benefitting the various trading card game communities once the deal closes. 

Early hopes include being able to potentially cross-list products you are trying to sell instantly on both eBay and TCGplayer, more affordable tracking for products, and more shipping options to regions that may not have been able to shop on TCGplayer in the past. 

The deal is currently expected to close in Q1 2023, subject to regulatory approval, and additional information about the transaction and what it means for the future of the two biggest card marketplaces will be shared closer to completion.