E3 2020 still happening despite coronavirus concerns

Event organizers have no plans to cancel the event.

Image via E3

The coronavirus has caused several disruptions in the gaming industry over the past few weeks. PAX East was severely impacted by the virus since several developers skipped the event to avoid putting their teams at risk. The Game Developers Conference was also postponed due to health concerns after most of the studios and publishers backed out of the event.

Not all gaming events will be canceled due to coronavirus, however. E3 is the next major gaming event and the event organizer has confirmed that it’s still happening.

The Entertainment Software Association organizes E3 and confirmed it’s still moving “full speed ahead” with the event in a statement to Vice.

“Everyone is watching the situation very closely,” the Entertainment Software Association said. “We will continue to be vigilant, as our first priority is the health, wellness and safety of all of our exhibitors and attendees.”

E3 is scheduled to take place from June 9 to 11 in Los Angeles. The yearly event has allowed publishers to announce their next big title or console over the past few years and has recently shifted toward a more fan-centric environment. Sony has confirmed it won’t make an appearance at E3 for the second year in a row because of the shift in focus of the event.

Several companies, such as Nintendo, Ubisoft, Xbox and Bethesda Software, have already confirmed that they’ll be attending this year’s E3 event. Sony not attending is already a major blow to the event and other companies backing out because of the virus is a real possibility.