Activision Blizzard stock jumps after WoW Classic launch

The company’s shares are spiking for its 15-year anniversary.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

No one can doubt the insane hype surrounding the launch of WoW Classic, which amassed a record-high one million viewers on Twitch yesterday. But Blizzard has more to celebrate than just viewership.

Activision Blizzard’s stock jumped up over five percent today, marking the company’s highest numbers since November 2018.

Screengrab via Google

Prior to WoW Classic’s launch yesterday, Blizzard’s shares were as low as $47.33. Today, however, the company reached a high of $52.22 and is now sitting at $50.65.

This increase isn’t exactly a surprise. WoW Classic is the most-viewed game on Twitch right now with almost 600,000 viewers. The MMO is simply dominating the competition, surpassing games like Fortnite, which has 106,000 viewers, and League, boasting 113,000.

Players are so head over heels for WoW that they were even willing to wait through hours of queue times. Twitch streamer Zack “Asmongold” got disconnected and when he tried to log back in, he was the 20,084th player in line to enter Azeroth.

The streamer had to wait four hours to get back in, while other players had to sit in the queue for up to 10 hours.

Although the current hype is definitely real, it’s unclear if WoW Classic has what it takes to maintain its popularity.