Baldur’s Gate 3: How to get the Blood of Lathander in BG3

A Legendary Mace inside a chamber of secrets.
A glowing mace on top of a pedestal surrounded by light in BG3
Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Blood of Lathander is a powerful legendary mace that is hidden within the Gith’yanki Creche in Baldur’s Gate 3. It does 1d6 damage, additional hit points, and can blind the undead and fiends, so it’s worth the effort. Here’s everything you need to know to get the Blood of Lathander in BG3.

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Blood of Lathander stats in BG3

Here are the stats for The Blood of Lathander Mace in BG3. The Blood of Lathander, is a commendable magical weapon and is super strong.

Screenshot of the description and stats of The Blood of Lathander mace
Blood of Lathander Stats. Screenshot by Dot Esports
StatsLegendary-tier +3 mace

1d6 + strength Bludgeoning
DescriptionWeapon Enchantment: +3

Lathander’s Blessings: You gain 2~12 hit points after one Long Rest instead of dying along with allies gaining 1~6 hit points

Lathander’s Light: Beams holy light in a 20ft radius. While in combat, standing fiends and undead within the holy light are Blinded unless they complete a Constitution save.

Proficiency in the weapon will grant you Concussive Smash.

Grants Sunbeam (Level 6 Evocation Spell)

How to get the Blood of Lathander Mace in BG3, explained

You will get the Blood of Lathander in BG3 inside the Rosymorn Monastery during the Find the Blood of Lathander quest, in the Githyanki Creche questline.


If you’ve already unlocked the Monastery, you can skip to that section, or if you’ve unlocked the Githyanki Creche, navigate to the waypoint and start there.

How to start the Githyanki Creche questline

Reptile looking man wearing silver armor in BG3
You need to be careful of him at the Mountain Pass. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Go to the Mountain Pass or the quest marker named “Mountain Pass” on your map. It is where you will find the Githyanki Patrol.


The Gith’yanki Creche questline will lead you to the Find of the Blood of Lathander quest.

During the cutscene, you must side with Lae’zel and her plans for finding the solution to your tadpole problem after saving her from the Tieflings or she will turn against you.

Once you’ve dealt with the Githyanki situation, you must head across the bridge and into the Mountain Pass.


If you never recruited Lae’zel in your party prior to this visit, she will be here with the Githyanki Patrol where you will have one more chance to recruit her before they kill her.

How to find the Rosymorn Monastery

After entering the Mountain Pass, you’ll see on your map a waypoint called Trielta Crags, and the Rosymorn Monastery is directly North-East of here.

You need to follow the path heading in that direction, and you’ll come across a Cable Car—roughly at the coordinates: X:-46 and Y:85.

A cable car pully system hidden among rubble in BG3
It can be hard to see because of the debris, but it’s close to the edge. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To work the cable car, you must activate the cable car wheel with a Strength ability check. You need at least 15. Karlach is a great pick to do so since she has high Strength.


If you fail the Strength check, you can use your Inspiration to try again, or if you have a save point just before this, load it, and try again.

Hop on the cable car to take go across the ravine. After arriving, go down the hill and make a U-Turn, following the path until you can see and activate the Rosymorn Monastery waypoint roughly at the coordinates: X: 20, Y:12.

A purple mark on a wall by a bridge in BG3
The waypoint is left of the path and is quite hard to see. Screenshot by Dot Esports

How to enter the Rosymorn Monastery 

Right next to the waypoint, you’ll see a stone “bridge”—make your way across it and down the steps. This will trigger a cinematic cutscene where some Githyanki are beating up elderly halflings who happen to mention a mysterious weapon and the one you’re looking for.

When the cutscene is over, you can enter the Rosymorn Monastery through the archway to your left and through the door at the bottom of the hallway.

Arrow pointing to the rosymorn monastery door entry in bg3
You know you’re in the right room if you see drunken creatures. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Finding Lathander’s statue in the Rosymorn Monastery

Inside the Monastery, you’ll see quite a few bodies on the ground. Bypass them and head to the back of the building and up the stairs to your left.

From here, you’ll need to:

  1. Jump across to the stone platform
Red arrow pointing to a barricade in Rosymorn Monastery in BG3
You shouldn’t have any trouble jumping to this platform. Screenshot by Dot Esports
  1. Climb up the cragged rock.
  2. Jump onto the stone roof.
Red arrow pointing to a rooftop in the Rosymorn Monastery BG3
You will need to stand at the very edge of this cliff to make the jump. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Once you land, you can enter the building by destroying the wooden barricade to the right of the staircase. Then, you will turn left and head straight until you reach a broken path, which you must jump across.

Red arrow pointing to where character needs to jump to clear a broken path in BG3
The get a better view of the path, move your camera angle. Screenshot by Dot Esports

On the other side, you’ll head right and then through the wooden door at the end of the path. Descend the stone stairs and jump down to the next section at the broken part.

At the bottom of the staircase, turn right and follow the path until you reach another wooden barricade to your left, which you must also destroy.

Red arrow pointing to a barricade in Rosymorn Monastery in BG3
It won’t take too long to destroy the wooden barricade. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Walking through, you’ll perform a Perception check, and if successful, it will highlight a door to your right. Go through the door, down the stairs, and head left, where you’ll see the statue of Lathander covered in plants with gold detailing branching off.

At the base of this statue is a plaque called the Holy Blood of Lathander, coordinates at X:72, Y:65. By interacting with the Holy Blood of Lathander plaque in Rosymorn Monastery, you will receive the quest, Find the Blood of Lathander, under the main questline, Githyanki Creche.

From this point, you must explore the Monastery and solve a puzzle of the missing Legendary weapon.

How to solve the Stained Glass Window Puzzle: Finding the three weapons

To find the three weapons, you must head back through the door you came through (X:93, Y:46) and begin your search through the Monastery, as they’re located in different places.

Where to find the Rusty Mace in Rosymorn Monastery

Red arrow pointing to a mace on the ground in BG3
The Rusty Mace is in the corner by the archway. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The first weapon is easy to find as you need to continue straight towards the rubble, and you’ll find the Rusty Mace on the ground at X:91, Y:30.

Where to find the Ceremonial Warhammer in Rosymorn Monastery

To get the second weapon, the Ceremonial Warhammer, you must:

  1. Head back up the stone staircase, the one with the broken path
  2. Climb the Knotted Roots to your left at the coordinates X:90, Y:39
  3. Kill the Ancient Eagle and the Giant Eagle

You’ll find the second weapon, the Ceremonial Warhammer, within the nest, roughly at the coordinates of X:80 and Y:39.

Red arrow pointing to the ceremonial warhammer in the rosymorn monastery in BG3
The eagle’s remains get in the way, so use “Alt” to highlight the hammer. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Where to find the Ceremonial Battleaxe in Rosymorn Monastery

To get the third weapon, the Ceremonial Battleaxe, you must:

  1. Head down the Knotted Roots and head toward the red stained glass window
  2. Lockpick the Enchanted Door on your right—it’s gold and glowing and at the coordinates X:95 and Y:47. To lockpick this door, you must successfully roll a 15 or more—and this is with Dexterity.
  3. Inside the room, you’ll notice an active Guardian of Faith spell. And if you enter the ring on the ground, you will automatically enter battle. So it’s best to perform the first attack. Specifically, a ranged one.
  4. Defeat the Guardian

The third weapon, the Ceremonial Battleaxe, is on the ground.

arrow pointing to the ceremonial battleaxe in rosymore monastery in bg3
You have to kill the Guardian to get the Ceremonial Battleaxe. Screenshot by Dot Esports

With all three weapons in your main character’s inventory, you can jump over the beds blocking your path and leave the room.

How to get the Dawnmaster’s Crest in BG3: solving the Stained Glass Window Puzzle

Once you have the three weapons in your inventory, you must place them correctly in the room with the Stained Glass Windows and the dial on the floor.

Room with a dial on the ground and stained glass windows in BG3
There’s already one weapon in the room; you need to place the rest. Screenshot by Dot Esports

From the Guardian’s room, head straight ahead, where you must jump back across the broken walkway. Instead of going straight, you’ll turn right and make your way into a room with a dial on the ground and stained glass windows.

You’ll notice a stone platform below each of the three windows, and you’ll “throw” each weapon in the following spots:

  1. Ceremonial Warhammer—Left of the entrance
  2. Rust Mace—Right of the entrance.
  3. Ceremonial Battleaxe—Directly in front of the entrance

If you accidentally put the wrong weapon on the platform, don’t worry, as you’ll just get knocked down for a few seconds, and you can try another weapon.

But once all three weapons are in the correct positions, the platforms will glow, and a hidden space will open with a pouch inside. 

Red arrow pointing to a pouch hidden within a wall in BG3
The pouch contains a letter and the Dawnmaster’s Crest. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Take the letter and the “Dawnmaster’s Crest” from the pouch, and you’ll notice your quest has been updated with new information, which will lead you back to the room with the Holy Blood of Lathander plaque.

So you’ll need to make your way back across the broken path, take a right at the Guardian’s door, and back down the broken stairs.

Entering the Monastery Basement in Rosymorn Monastery

Behind the moss and vine-covered statue bearing the Holy Blood of Lathander plaque is a secret room. To get to it, head down the stairs to your left and open the door called Monastery Basement.

Arrow pointing to door in BG3
The Monastery Basement door is directly beneath the statue. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Inside, you will notice that you’ve entered the secret home of the Creche, and you’ll have unlocked the Creche Y’llek waypoint. From here, head to the back of the Creche, where you must solve your next puzzle.


Before entering the room, it is recommended that you switch to a companion with high levels of Dexterity and Acrobatics.

Turning the Statues Puzzle in Rosymorn Monastery

Inside the room, you’ll notice two statues—one on the left and one on the right. To solve the puzzle, you must turn the statues in the following order:

  1. Turn the statue on the right—once
  2. Turn the statue on the left—three times
  3. Turn the statue on the right—twice

You’ll know the statues are in position when the narrator says, “Lathander blesses the rising, bountiful sun,” and a secret passageway opens up. There may be other ways to solve this puzzle, but as long as the left statue faces toward the back of the room and the right statue faces toward the room’s entrance, you should be able to unlock the passageway.

Arrow pointing to secret passage between two statues in BG3
You can see the left statue is facing the back of the room, and the right is facing the entrance. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Once the secret room opens up, head into it, and prepare for your next puzzle.

How to solve the secret chamber puzzle in Rosymorn Monastery

From the entrance of the secret room, head down the stairs and through the Gate, which leads you to a secret chamber. To solve the secret chamber puzzle, follow these steps:

  1. To the left of the glowing door is a chandelier with blue crystals. Use ranged attacks on the blue crystals until it breaks.
  2. The glowing door will now fade away, and you can pass through.
  3. On your left is a Dawnbreaker device you must disarm, so ensure you’re piloting the companion with the highest Dexterity levels. But first, you must destroy another blue energy crystal.
  4. To destroy the crystal, climb the stone stairs to the device’s left—it’s very dark, so you may need to get in close to see it. 
  5. Continue on the path until you can’t move any further and jump across to the stone ledge. 
  6. Follow the path, and you’ll notice another blue crystal, the door’s Energy Source, which you must destroy.
Red arrow pointing to the blue crystal in BG3
It’s easy to spot in the dark because it’s glowing. Screenshot by Dot Esports
  1. Hop back down.
  2. Interact with the device, and you’ll undergo a Sleight of Hand Dexterity check—which you only need a roll of 14 to pass. If you pass, the weapon will be disarmed. If not, use your Inspiration, try again (if it allows you to), or reload your save and try once more.
  3. There’s another Energy Crystal you must destroy, located on a cliff side, directly in front of the device.
Blue crystal on the side of a cliff in BG3
You have to hop off the ledge to see it. Screenshot by Dot Esports
  1. You can move into the next room after destroying the crystal with your ranged attack. 

Collecting The Blood of Lathander in BG3

Inside this next room, you’ll see a red staircase, and at the top of it is a glowing pedestal bathed in a brilliant light, which houses The Blood of Lathander. 

Before you walk up to it and get it, there are a few things you must do:

  1. Before interacting with it, switch to the companion with the highest History (your Intelligence), like Shadowheart.
  2. Now you can interact with the Mace, which will start a cutscene. You’ll automatically perform a History check.
    • If you fail the history check, don’t worry because your choice options aren’t affected.
  3. If you decide to take the Mace, you “recall” that something disastrous might happen if you do, and you’re asked whether you still want to take it.
  4. Taking the Mace will trigger a weapon mechanism that will destroy the room—unless you act fast and disarm it in four turns.

If you take the Mace, Shadowheart, Lae’Zel, and Gale disapprove of this. So, if you’re trying to romance any of these companions, this may not be the best option.

Four pillars with crystals and glowing lights in a room in BG3
You need to destroy all four crystals to survive. Screenshot by Dot Esports
  1. You must destroy the four Energy crystals on the pillars to disarm the weapon. Each crystal has 30 health, so you’ll need to choose the best-ranged attacks to destroy them because you will be at a disadvantage from the lower ground.
  2. Once all the crystals have been destroyed, the weapon will disarm, and the pillars will disappear. And then you can safely take your Mace.

To ensure you aren’t wasting your movement, jump around the platform as much as possible and move just close enough that your attacks will land.

How to avoid blowing up the Githyanki Creche

  1. In the middle of the room, the Blood of Lathander Mace should be sitting on a pedestal with a golden platform.
  2. Before carelessly snatching the mace, go into your inventory and retrieve the Dawnmaster’s Crest obtained earlier.
  3. Click on the pedestal with the desired weapon and click the empty box when prompted.
  4. Drag the Dawnmaster’s Crest from your inventory menu and into the empty box.
  5. Take the Blood of the Lathander Mace and close out the quest.

And that’s it! You finally have your Legendary Mace after all your hard work. Taking the mace without doing these very important steps will result in the mass obliteration of the creche, the Githyanki, and your team within four turns.

Unlike romancing, which is as easy as breathing in BG3, getting The Blood of Lathander is tedious. But this is worth it if you’re after a good mace and don’t want to purchase one from a vendor.

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