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Here's every major game announced for PlayStation 4 this week | E3 2018

Cyberpunk 2077, Resident Evil 2, and Jump Force stole the show.
3 days ago - The OP

Who won E3 2018? Here's our recap of this year's press conferences

Between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, E3 2018 was as exciting as ever.
3 days ago - The OP

Here's every game announced for Nintendo Switch this week | E3 2018

Fire Emblem, Super Smash Bros., and more were just teased.
4 days ago - The OP

With Animal Crossing still missing from the Switch, Nintendo is playing it too safe | E3 2018

Full Bleed
Don't expect a new Animal Crossing any time soon.
5 days ago - The OP

Here's every next-generation video game announced during E3 2018

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One age is nearly over.
5 days ago - The OP

Next Xbox consoles reportedly set for 2020 as a "family of devices"

The next generation may be here in just two years.
5 days ago - The OP

Pokémon: Let's Go in-game gameplay revealed by Nintendo | E3 2018

Explore the Kanto region and do battle with trainers.
6 days ago - The OP