You can place Nessies on the map with Wattson’s emote in Apex Legends

The best part is, it's lore-accurate.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

As if it wasn’t enough to hunt for Nessies around the map or to actually own a Nessie plush (in two sizes), Apex Legends players will be able to set their own dolls on the map—and all it takes is a Wattson emote.

The Legacy update is introducing ground emotes for all legends, but one of Wattson’s animations comes with a hidden perk. The character gently places a Nessie plush on the ground and the adorable doll becomes a permanent object on the map for that round, according to developers.

“For reference and FYI, you do leave your Nessie in the world when you do the emote,” community coordinator Jason Garza wrote. He also said players would be able to place three at a time, but the team reduced the maximum amount to one.

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Standing emotes are finally coming to Apex in the Legacy update. Each legend is getting three animations that relate to their personalities and Respawn couldn’t miss the chance to include Nessie in one of Wattson’s animations.

Nessies were an Easter egg in Apex, but the adorable creature quickly grew into a mascot of sorts for the game. Their existence is actually canon in-game: The first Nessie was made by Wattson’s mother shortly before her passing and it’s one of the few relics that Natalie has of her. Wattson’s father hired someone to make several copies of the doll and Wattson played hide and seek with them on Kings Canyon while the arena for the Apex Games was still under construction.

Emotes will launch on Apex with the next season, Legacy, scheduled for May 4.

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