Xbox seemingly leaked a first look at Octane Edition spider-themed cosmetics

The bundle will potentially go on sale Feb. 18.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Any arachnophobes may want to steer clear—a spider-themed Octane skin might be on the horizon.

A now-deleted Reddit post claimed that Xbox seemingly leaked an Octane bundle today, which includes the Arachnoid Rush skin, a legendary Charge Rifle skin, a spider weapon charm, a badge, and 1,000 Apex coins. The bundle would reportedly go on sale on Feb. 18, which is liable to change with the one-day postponement of the Valentine’s Day Rendezvous Event.

Screengrab via u/oklopfer

The Arachnoid Rush skin features an elegant white and neon purple design, complete with spiderwebs and ice-blue eyes. The Adrenaline Junkie’s skin-tight cap looks to have been replaced with a white hood.

It’s unclear if the cosmetics will be exclusive to Xbox One or available to all platforms. But the bundle will likely work similarly to the Lifeline and Bloodhound Double Pack, which was available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. This included the legendary Guardian Angel Lifeline and The Intimidator Bloodhound skins, as well as weapon skins, banners, badges, and Apex coins.

Respawn and Microsoft haven’t confirmed the contents of the leak. But with the Feb. 18 launch date only a week away, fans will know soon.