Apex Legends Valentine’s Day Rendezvous Event “postponed until tomorrow”

One more day without Duos.

Image via Electronic Arts

Apex Legends players itching to jump into the Outlands with their significant others will have to wait a little longer.

Respawn explained on the Apex Twitter today that the Valentine’s Day Rendezvous Event will be “postponed until tomorrow.” Though players were looking forward to jumping into Duos mode or snagging some new cosmetics, it appears that an issue with the event “not showing up” is the cause for the delay.

Respawn will update fans when the event goes live, possibly around 12pm CT tomorrow, which is when it was supposed to launch today. It’s unclear if the developers will extend the event’s duration to make up for the one-day delay.

Tomorrow’s event will include Duos mode, which will offer double XP up to a cap of 20,000 per day. And the Love Struck Nessie weapon charm will be available for 500 Apex coins, along with the Through the Heart Longbow skin, from Feb. 11 to 14. Players can pick up the winged Lovefinder weapon charm and Love of the Game Pathfinder frame from Feb. 15 to 18.

For more updates on when the Valentine’s Day Rendezvous goes live, check out the Apex Twitter.