Wraith player gets revenge from beyond the grave

It might have cost their game, but the trap worked.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Sometimes, you have to take a dive for the benefit of your team. But in the case of this Apex Legends clip, a player made a sacrifice to bait their enemies–and it paid dividends.

Wraith is one of the most popular character picks in Apex Legends and a big part of that is her unique kit including the ability to lay down portals. One player used this ability to set a trap that would send those who pass through directly off the map, but accidentally died in the process.

The trap, however, worked perfectly. After being set, an enemy player passed straight through believing that they’d be able to quickly catch Wraith, but they didn’t anticipate that this shortcut would take them to their demise.

Meanwhile, the final player left earned themself a completely free victory, with the Wraith having done the work prior to their death.

While it makes a fun clip, Wraith could have set this same trap without choosing death by placing the portal on the edge of the crate they launched off instead of jumping off the map. Regardless, while the player may not have been alive during the time of victory, it must have brought some enjoyment to see their plan work perfectly.