World’s Edge will return to Apex Legends as first ranked map in Legacy update

Say goodbye to Kings Canyon.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have been looking forward to the return of World’s Edge since season eight dropped—and that’s exactly what the Legacy update will bring. The Talos arena is making a comeback throughout the season and will be the first map in the ranked split.

The fact that World’s Edge will be the first map in the ranked split this season will offer players more time to get acquainted with the changes to Olympus, mainly the arrival of an infested dropship called the Icarus.

World’s Edge has been out of the rotation since season eight brought an overhauled Kings Canyon to the game. Matches have taken place exclusively on either Kings Canyon or Olympus during the past three months, both in casual and across ranked.

The return of World’s Edge is good news for players who prefer the Talos arena. Despite the latest update, Kings Canyon is surrounded by a series of complaints from fans, particularly about its third-partying issue that’s more prevalent in the middle of the map. Moreover, alternating between World’s Edge and Olympus may give Respawn more time to work on improving Kings Canyon.

The switch in the map pool means that Kings Canyon will sit out of the queue for the duration of Legacy unless Respawn decides to bring it back for a limited time. The Solace arena already had a limited-time return during season seven when the developers added it to the queue for a week.

Players will be able to drop back into World’s Edge when the Legacy update is released on May 4 alongside a new legend, Valkyrie, the Bocek Bow, and the Arenas game mode.