When does Apex Legends’ Unshackled event begin?

It's only a few days away.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Hot on the heels of the Warriors collection event, the Apex Legends team has announced Unshackled, the next event on the horizon.

Like other Apex events, Unshackled will bring plenty of new skins, a new prize tracker with unlockables, and the return of the limited-time mode Flashpoint. The announcement was accompanied by a dramatic trailer that showed off some of the new cosmetics that players will be able to get their hands on while conquering the battlefield.

When will the Unshackled event begin?

As announced in the trailer, Apex‘s Unshackled event will begin on Tuesday, April 19. While no end date was given, the social media post that accompanied the trailer said players will be able to unlock event-themed collectibles each week, implying that the event will last more than a week. The trailer also showed off three weekly rewards, including an RE-45 skin, a Seer skin, and a Nessie holospray, so it’s possible that the event will last for three weeks, with players gaining one reward each week.

Season 13 is on the not-so-far horizon at this point, with teasers for a new legend popping up on loading screens for Control during the Warriors event, so Unshackled will likely carry players right up to the start of the new season.

During the event, players will also be able to experience the Flashpoint LTM again. A mode that originally debuted during the Aftermarket event, Flashpoint allows players to heal their shields and health in certain designated areas on the map, but all healing and shield loot items are removed, making zone control and movement extremely important.