When does Apex Legends’ season 11 begin?

New season, new beginnings.

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Seasons in online games come and go faster than real-life seasons. While casual players may not worry too much about the seasons, it’s a core part of the more competitive experience.

More often than not, new seasons are the perfect time to introduce new characters to the game alongside cosmetics and events. Compared to some of the competition on the market, Apex Legends’ seasons are rather short-lived since they usually last around three months.

Apex’s 10th season, Emergence, kicked off on Aug. 3 and it’ll wrap up on Nov. 2. With the end of the season approaching, it’s only natural for players to wonder when the 11th season will start so they can adjust their schedules beforehand.

When will Apex’s season 11 start?

Right after the current season of Apex comes to an end, the 11th season will go live. This means that players can start enjoying season 11 on Nov. 2. The transition usually happens during maintenance and the new season will officially go live for all players after they install the latest Apex patch to their system.

Once players step foot into the new season, they’ll be able to try out the game’s newest legend, Ash, alongside a new gun. An addition to the roster often comes with other adjustments and the remaining legends are likely to receive balance updates. These nerfs and buffs can be crucial when it comes to determining the metagame throughout a patch, so it may be a decent idea to read the patch notes before you jump into your first match.

Ranks will also be reset and players will be able to start their journey from scratch after claiming their seasonal rewards from the previous season. If you’ve been gunning for that higher reward tier but fell short this season, this will be the perfect opportunity to try to get a higher rank.

Apex’s 11th season doesn’t have an end date as of now, but judging by previous seasons, it should also be live for around three months.


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