When does the Apex Legends Gaiden event end?

Unlock all the skins you can before the fun ends.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends Gaiden event has sprinkled a fair dosage of anime into the battle royale through a collective of anime-themed skins and cosmetics.

Between 40 new event-exclusive cosmetics and the return of the Armed and Dangerous game mode, there’s plenty the event has to offer for players of all skill levels. Now, as the anime-themed festivities kick off, the primary question on people’s minds is how long will they have to experience the Gaiden event before it all goes away.

When does Apex Legends Gaiden event end?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex’s Gaiden event began today, July 19, and will end on Aug. 2, allowing players two weeks to take advantage of the event before time runs outs.

Throughout these two weeks, players will have a bevy of fun festivities and activities to do like jump into the shotguns-and-snipers-only Armed and Dangerous mode, which only spawns shotguns and snipers to make combat up close and personal. The Armed and Dangerous game mode will be played on World’s Edge, Storm Point, and Olympus, which will all be in rotation throughout the two weeks.

On top of fun gameplay modes, the Gaiden collection event has over 40 new cosmetics that are available from regular Apex Packs after the event ends. Some of these anime-inspired characters include an Octane skin as Luffy from One Piece, a Revenant skin inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion, and a Mirage skin themed after Deku from My Hero Academia, as well as many others. But while some items will be available after the event, an overwhelming majority of these skins will no longer be unlockable.

So while there is time available, make sure to capitalize on the Gaiden event before it all goes away in two weeks.