What time does Apex’s Valentine’s Day-themed Rendezvous event begin?

Grab your duo partners for a week of fun.

Apex Legends Mirage rework
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s almost time to celebrate the holiday with your special someone by playing duo matches of Apex Legends.

Players will automatically unlock the Valentines 2020 badge on their first log-in. Apex’s store will feature additional rotating rewards including two new weapon charms, a Pathfinder frame, and a Longbow skin, all of which will be available for purchase with Apex Coins.

Last year’s “Through the Heart” DMR skin and “Love of the Game” banner will go on sale in the Apex store for a discounted rate.

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While the event is live, players will be able to team up with a friend and queue for Apex’s duo mode. Those who squad up with another player will earn double XP, up to 20,000 XP in one day.

When does the Rendezvous event begin?

Apex’s Valentine’s Day event kicks off tomorrow. Fans of the battle royale can expect the event to go live at 12pm CT, which is when most of the game’s updates arrive of live servers. The Rendezvous event lasts only a week, so fans of the game will want to make sure they partake in the fun before the festivities end on Feb. 18.