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What time does Apex Legends season 3 begin?

It’s almost time.

Apex Legends season three, also named Meltdown, is one day away and fans are eagerly awaiting a bunch of new content that should bring life to the battle royale.

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Respawn revealed season three’s trailer last week, which excited casual and hardcore players alike. With new content in the form of a character, map, weapon, and skins, Meltdown is looking to please its fan base with a thrilling expansion to the battle royale title.

What time will season three start?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn released the official start time for season three earlier today. Meltdown will begin at 2pm CT on Oct 1. Players should receive an Apex update before season three’s release in preparation for the patch.

What new content is coming with season three?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn revealed the big news that a new map named World’s Edge was coming to the battle royale. The map’s landscape varies, with part of it covered in snow and icicles, while the other part featuring geysers and molten lava.

Gameplay footage also revealed players fighting on a moving train in the middle of World’s Edge. Although little is known about the train, the footage hints that players will be able to catapult and zipline onto the moving train, open supply bins, and knock each other off of it.

Crypto will also finally make his Apex debut. A first look into the hacker’s abilities showed his aerial drone scouting players from the sky, as well as being able to explode with an electromagnetic pulse that destroys any defensive shields from legends’ abilities.

The Charge Rifle, a new gun that packs an electrified punch, will also launch with season three, along with new skins, a new Battle Pass, and Ranked Series two.

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