What is Arena mode in Apex Legends?

The mode will have a gameplay reveal on April 26.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ newest season, Legacy, starts on May 4. And along with a new legend and weapon, players will be getting a new game mode as well. 

While details about the new Arena mode are sparse right now, today’s trailer for the season teased more information to come in the next week.

The Apex season nine trailer opened with narration from Ash, a secretive character within the game’s lore. Ash tells players in the first seconds of the video that it’s “time for a new game.”

At the end of the three-minute video, Ash punctuates the action-packed trailer by saying “welcome to the Arenas,” and the clip ends with a screen that promises a reveal of “Arenas Gameplay” on April 26.

While nothing has been confirmed about the game mode yet, data mining suggests that it’ll likely be some kind of three-vs-three Team Deathmatch-style mode.

In January, a software engineer and Apex data miner who goes by Shrugtal on Twitter originally found information that proved the developers were working on the new mode.

Along with Kings Canyon, there likely could be a handful of Arena maps including Capacitor, Rig, Broken Relay, Repulsor, and Water Treatment, according to Shrugtal’s research.

Nothing about the research done in January was final, of course. It’s been four months since the mode concept was data mined.

This piece will be updated when more information about the Arena mode becomes available.