The third chapter of Apex Legends’ The Broken Ghost season quest is live

Will we find out who (or what) the Broken Ghost is?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players can now experience the third chapter of the battle royale’s season quest. Fans can dive into a new hunt called “Enter the Revenants” and uncover a new piece of the mysterious artifact that’s in Loba Andrade’s sights.

The season-long quest is called The Broken Ghost and takes place in weekly installments. A new hunt becomes available every Tuesday for players who picked up enough treasure packs. They also must clear the mission to get access to each chapter.

The Broken Ghost mixes lore and gameplay to tell the story of Loba’s plan for revenge against Revenant. She drafted the help of other legends to obtain nine pieces of a mysterious artifact without tipping off Revenant to her raids. The legends dive into Kings Canyon at Night to recover each fragment.

Each new chapter is locked behind a hunt, a short mission that pits players against Prowlers in Kings Canyon at Night. Players must clear the incursion to unlock the corresponding chapter of The Broken Ghost, as well as a gun charm and a description of the artifact they just recovered.

The previous chapter of Apex’s season quest left players on the edge of their seats with a cliffhanger. In “the Detached Chaperone,” fans were able to get a glimpse of Octane’s date, which was actually a (not so) covert intel-gathering operation. The episode runs from Wraith’s point of view while she stands guard during Octane’s date.

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Octane’s companion, a Hammond Robotics employee named Yoko, told him that Loba met with Cheryl Amacci, the head of Hammond’s legal department, to ask about Revenant’s “source code”—his preserved head, as seen in the season five launch trailer. But the date is cut short when Mirage tells Wraith that Wattson was injured in battle.

Wraith confronts Loba about Revenant’s “source code,” but Revenant himself appears out of nowhere to cut the conversation short. “I have a better question, girlies,” he says. “When were you going to tell me there’s a whole world out there where I’m worshipped like a god?”

This week’s chapter, The Liberated Narc, will likely have plenty of key developments in the story. Its title may refer to the prologue, The Duplicitous Snake, which shows that one of the legends betrayed Loba and told Revenant about her quest for the artifact. With Wattson’s injury and Revenant’s appearance, The Liberated Narc promises to build on the unraveling storyline and give players another infusion of lore.